Welcome to The Health and Safety Catalyst

This site is for people seeking creative ways to make workplaces healthier and safer. It explores the aspects of workplace health and safety that are determined by people: how they interact, what they believe and value, how they create a health and safety culture, and what makes them do what they do.

The site is based on a belief that we can learn a lot from social science research and fields like social marketing and behavioral economics, and apply these learnings to workplace health and safety.  It explores research and insights that people working day-to-day on health and safety may not usually come across, that may help them find better ways of creating change.   It is also about working to improve workplace health and safety in all parts of the world.

How can we influence change to make workplaces healthier and safer?

In a nutshell, we first need to know how to assess the current state of a workplace’s health and safety culture.  We then need to figure out whom to influence and how to influence them.  

Please see the Resources page for a summary of these basic concepts and links to sources of more information. You can also find our slides of presentations delivered at the AIHce on Safety Culture & Motivation on the Resources page

The site is not advancing a particular method or “silver bullet” that will solve your health and safety problems.  It is here to help you think about what can be successful for you and people you work with.  We hope to spark discussion and sharing of ideas among people grappling with similar issues. Please join the discussion on the Blog page.


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  1. Brosch says:

    I can’t get this open on my Mac. Is there a PDF version?

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