Safety Culture Assessment Resources

Some of these tools were developed for specific industries but are very useful for adaptation to other sectors.

WorkCover Authority of New South Wales Australia has some good tools for a safety culture survey

Transport Canada: Score Your Safety Culture – checklist developed by James Reason for the aviation industry.

The UK Health and Safety Executive has a very good tool for assessing workplace stress — actually is useful for culture assessments also.  Plus they have a nifty Excel tool for analyzing results.

Safety Climate Measurement Toolkit: developed by the UK Health and Safety Executive for the offshore industry.

For his PhD Thesis, Charles Pettinger developed and tested several safety efficacy and change-readiness surveys.

Stephen Johnson has assessed Dov Zohar’s safety climate questionnaire and narrowed it down to 11 questions that are reported to be good predictors of safety outcomes.

The European Agency for Safety and Health has compiled various culture assessment tools in  Occupational Safety and Health culture assessment – A review of main approaches and selected tools

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