This site is administered by Marianne Levitsky. I am an industrial hygienist (CIH, ROH) and an Associate with ECOH Management Inc. I have my own firm, Allbridge Inc. and an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Toronto. I previously held senior management positions in several Ontario health and safety organizations. I am also on the Board of Workplace Health Without Borders, a non-profit organization devoted to engaging volunteers in promoting occupational health around the world.

This site is founded on several ideas:

1. Health and safety people can learn a lot from other disciplines like social marketing, behavioral economics and psychology.
2. There is a lot of good research sitting on library shelves that should be put to good use.
3. We need to explore together creative ways to achieve workplace change.

On the blog and resource pages I will share what I learn and encourage you to do the same. I would be happy to come speak to your workplace or group. You can contact me here.

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