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Presentation at Culture of Prevention Symposium in Helsinki

Many thanks to the wonderful organizers of the International Symposium on a Culture of Prevention in Helsinki.  As I could not be there in person, they set up a Skype link so I could give my presentation.  The slides are … Continue reading

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Workplace Health Without Borders video

Workplace Health Without Borders is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to preventing occupational disease worldwide.  Please learn more through this video  and our web site  

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Our presentation on Behavioural Economics at the Institute for Work and Health Symposium on Financial Incentives

Congratulations to the Institute for Work and Health  on their very successful Symposium on Financial Incentives. Below are links to view or download the slides for our talk on what we can learn about prevention incentives from behavioural economics. Version … Continue reading

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Whose safety culture is it anyway?

Safety culture can be described as the constellation of shared values, attitudes and beliefs that influence health and safety practice in a workplace. But definitions and perspectives on safety culture abound to the point of hopeless confusion. The worst, in … Continue reading

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Motivating Health and Safety – is it all about money?

Back when I was a public employee working on promoting health and safety, a truth we took to be self-evident (and evidence-based nonetheless) was that success in workplace health and safety must start with the commitment of management at the … Continue reading

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The Health and Safety Catalyst

Catalyst: noun. 1. A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction 2. Someone or something that helps bring about a change. As health and safety professionals, we often try … Continue reading

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